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Experience the unique blend of sweetness and spice with Uva Mahajana’s Ginger-Mixed Sugarcane Jaggery. Handcrafted in Sri Lanka’s Uva province, this premium jaggery combines the rich caramel taste of sugarcane with the zesty flavor of ginger. Perfect for sweetening teas, desserts, and traditional dishes, it’s a natural and healthier alternative to refined sugar, with no added preservatives. Elevate your culinary creations with the authentic taste of Sri Lanka.


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Savor the Spice of Life with Uva Mahajana’s Ginger-Mixed Sugarcane Jaggery

Introducing a unique blend of warmth and sweetness, Uva Mahajana’s Ginger-Mixed Sugarcane Jaggery is a delightful fusion of Sri Lanka’s finest sugarcane and the zesty kick of ginger. Crafted in the verdant Uva province, this premium jaggery is made by boiling a natural mixture of sugarcane juice and ginger, then molded into traditional blocks or balls to cool and solidify.

Our ginger-mixed jaggery is a testament to purity and tradition, made without any added sugar or preservatives. Its dark brown color and rich caramel flavor are enriched with the spicy, aromatic notes of ginger, offering a unique taste experience that’s both indulgent and healthful. Rich in minerals and nutrients, it’s a wholesome alternative to refined sugars.

In Sri Lankan cuisine, this jaggery is a versatile sweetener, perfect for enhancing the flavor of teas, other beverages, and a variety of dishes. It’s also a key ingredient in traditional sweets and candies, and can even be used to brew the local “toddy” alcohol.

Choose Uva Mahajana’s Ginger-Mixed Sugarcane Jaggery for a touch of natural sweetness with a ginger twist. It’s not just a sweetener, it’s a journey through the rich flavors and traditions of Sri Lanka.

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